Renaissance Entertainment

Renaissance Entertainment is a label under Sparkling Recreation. It features Avant-garde artists specialize in performing in live house festivals. So far Renaissance Entertainment has more than 5000 catalog in various digital music streaming platforms. Top artists include


Liu Shuang grew up in the military camp when he was a child. He first came into contact with the guitar when he was in the second year of junior high school. Then he learned from his uncle in the cooking class in the military camp. He taught himself based on videos and books. The first issue of "Grandma and Grandpa Billion" was released online, and it has been staged 17 times in total. "And "Momi Mi" and "Mo Yan, I can write it if I want to express it, and what is the nature of writing Nange", I have always been highly interested in it. After graduating, I went to chase the police in Shanghai. There are still jobs and performances, so I just look for my own happiness.


In 1997, Guchang Jia was born in Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang, and sang from middle school. In high school, she was the second youngest student in Nanning, and she liked music and live performance during her break in the internet time. She became a medical student at Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and worked in the student union during her study. In her spare time, Guchang Jia updated her cover music on the Internet, uploaded dubbing works, and named herself "Xiao Jia Jia", which was loved by the audience.


The Children’s Song Queen, prestigious for its ShukeBeita and Xiao Qingwa. Best memorial among 1980s generation.